Remote Working – Is It Time to Ditch the Commute?

Remote working, also known as telecommuting, is on the rise. It has increased by 115% in the ten years from 2005 to 2015, and will only increase in popularity thanks to the capabilities of modern technology and the speed of internet traffic.

Remote working promotes a healthier lifestyle. It lets you move to a quiet area that is perfect for raising a family without dealing with the high costs of living downtown or the hour-long commutes each way. Ditching the commute is how you can renew your passion for your job, get more done in less time, manage your work/life balance better, and above all else, how you can improve both your health and wellbeing.

Remote Working Logistics

Despite all the benefits of remote working, only 7% of companies in the United States currently offer it as an option. This is likely because many have yet to overcome the myths surrounding remote working.

Employees are not lazier. They do not get distracted. Unless there is a reason for them to be on-site (they need to meet with clients, the software they use is expensive and only found in your office, etc.), then it is more economical for employers to allow for remote working.

Remote working is an effective way to hire the best talent, and it works because:

Personal Computers and the Internet

Personal computers are fast and have extensive storage capabilities. Combined with strong internet speeds, most of the work conducted by in-office employees can be done just as fast (if not faster) by remote workers.

Cloud-Based Management Apps

One of the biggest reasons why remote working is so effective today is because of the Cloud. Almost every system can be migrated onto a cloud server, so your employees can access at your office or at home just as easily and just as fast.

Employees can collaborate in real-time with employees in a different state, much less building. With Cloud-based applications, you can ensure that your employees use the same system as they would in office.

Tracking Applications

There are tracking applications that will log how long someone is using their computer for. For employers who need proof that their remote workers are clocking the same hours, this is a great feature. For workers that bill by the hour, this is how you will provide documentation to coincide with your invoices.

Instant Communications

Cloud applications allow for seamless edits and collaborative work to be done on a single project, but if communication is necessary, then instant messaging apps can connect employees faster than the spoken word.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are used to convene parties in different states, countries, and even continents. It can also be used to connect you directly to your remote employees in a one-on-one situation.

Benefits of Remote Working

For Employees

Jobs Are No Longer Location Restricted

Have a big family and want to give them a great home in a great community, but don’t have the budget to give them that downtown? With remote working, you can live in the suburbs or even in the countryside and make your money go so much further, all while having a top job from a big city company.

Increased Flexibility

Without a long commute back home, you have greater flexibility. You could even work out a deal with your employer to take off early one day to pick your kid up from school and then make up those hours later on. With tracking applications, you can log your hours, and your employer will get more productivity out of you than any of their on-site employees.

For those who work on a deadline basis, rather than clock in so many hours a day, they can now work as needed, where they want to.

Increased Wellbeing

The daily commute is a killer. It is this aspect of in-office working that is destroying employee morale, health, and wellbeing. Without this commute – which in some cases can last an hour or longer each way – employees are far less stressed. Instead, they can enjoy working from home or find a great co-working space near them.

This coworking space could be a communal office for remote workers, a café, or even a library. On good days, for example, they can work outside in their backyard and reconnect with nature.

For Employers

Remote Workers are More Productive

A great way to convince your employer to introduce a remote working scheme is the fact that 77% of remote workers are more productive than when they worked in an office. Not only do remote workers complete more tasks when working remotely, but they are also faster than they are in the office.

They Take Less Time Off

When you can work in an environment of your choosing and have the freedom to change sceneries on a whim, you will be less inclined to take time off. In that study conducted by Connect Solutions, remote employees take time off 52% less than office employees. Even those who are ill are more likely to work at home than those who work in the office.

For employers, this means less time off from their employees. For employees, this means you’ll be better fulfilled and won’t feel so burnt out you need to take some time off just to spend it at home. Save those vacation days for an actual vacation!

They Cost Less

Office space is expensive. By allowing employees to work remotely, employers would save collectively $41.9 billion every single year. If 62 million employees started to work remotely, that number could go up to $689 billion. Not only would this reduce your overhead, but it would also completely revolutionize cities, allowing areas outside of the downtown area to flourish.

It’s Time to Ditch That Commute

Remote working has seen a huge rise in popularity due to the convenience it can bring and the opportunities that are now open to you no matter where you live, but without the key IT systems in place, none of it would be possible. These IT systems that facilitate the ability to work anywhere is something that many businesses are interested in. If you are considering offering your employees remote working make sure to seek out the advice and guidance of an IT provider to ensure that the right IT systems are in place.

For more information on how you can make the most of working remotely be sure to get in contact with us. At Rio IT, our experienced professionals strive to provide you with the best possible service so that your business is more efficient and productive. The system you put in place can help your business to grow, so make sure to get in touch with us today!

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