RSPCA and Sport Relief receive donations on behalf of Brand Recruitment’s Team Players of the Month

Lauren Barham, Dominic Phipps, Alana Walden and Claire Webster have been chosen by the rest of the staff here at Brand Recruitment as our ‘Team Players of the Month’ for March 2014. As the first Team Player award of the New Year we have come up with an updated voting system which involves having three different winners in different categories. These new categories included: ‘Most Dependable’, ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Best People Person’.

Lauren Barham who is part of our Candidate Engagement Team here at Brand Recruitment was voted by the rest of the team as our ‘Most Creative’ team member due to the fact that she has shown creativity by always coming up with new ideas as well as meeting difficult deadlines.

Dominic Phipps, one of our Managing Consultants, was voted as the ‘Most Dependable’ member of our team for his consistency at meeting deadlines and being someone who is seen as both reliable and responsible by his colleagues.

The ‘Best People Person Award’ went to two of our newest members of the Brand Recruitment team; Alana Walden, who joined us during December as part of our Candidate Engagement Team and Claire Webster, who joined the team in January as one of our Recruitment Consultants. Both Alana and Claire received an equal amount of votes for this award due to them both being seen as particularly polite and helpful by their colleagues as well as responding promptly to candidates/clients.

Whilst in the past we have normally had just one winner who chooses which charity they wish to donate to, this time we have had four joint winners who have together chosen two charities to split the £250 donation between.

The first charity, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), was suggested by Dominic and Claire who decided that as animal lover’s they wanted to donate £125 to the charity. It has been the RSPCA’s vision since 1824 to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom. This donation will hopefully help the charity progress towards their goal of improving the welfare and lives of animals in the UK.

The second charity that was chosen to receive a £125 donation on the winners’ behalf was Sport Relief. Lauren and Alana came up with the idea of donating to Sport Relief as they were aware that it was Sport Relief weekend coming up later this month (21st-23rd March). They wanted to show their support for the cause by making a donation to help with Sport Relief to improve the lives and futures of young people in both the UK and abroad.

Brand Recruitment’s next ‘Team Player of the Month’ awards will take place in a few months time.

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