Salary Review for Norfolk and Suffolk surprises marketers

A review of salaries for marketing jobs which is soon to be launched by Brand Recruitment indicates that salaries in Norfolk and Suffolk are generally lower than in other areas of the Eastern Region. The report focuses on counties across the Eastern region, and the category for Suffolk and Norfolk marketing jobs indicates that salaries in these counties are lower, even for such specialised positions such as Brand Managers and Online Marketing Managers.

Naturally there is a lower density of ‘blue collar’ business in these areas, with the two main hubs of activity being Norwich and Ipswich, yet the population density is also far lower than areas such as those found along the A1/M1 corridor. The fact that salaries are lower puzzles Dominic Phipps of specialist marketing recruitment agency Brand Recruitment which operates across the Eastern region. He comments, “it is peculiar that these areas have lower salaries for most job types. We work with businesses across the East and find that the two coastal counties of Norfolk and Suffolk can prove to be the hardest territories to work in. Client companies in these areas seem to struggle to find marketers with the right skillsets, so one would presume they would pay higher salaries in order to attract talent from outside the area. Perhaps companies should take a look at how they remunerate before they start the recruitment process in order to try to ensure they have access to the best possible talent.” His comments are backed up by the fact that the average distance candidates are prepared to commute has dropped over the past year; this means that an element of the reward part of the equation needs to increase to maintain balance.

The review indicates a general rise in salaries across all job types and regions, yet there are some variations to this trend. Overall the review’s findings are positive, and show signs that the economy – in the Eastern region at least – seems to be consolidating after the recession.

The full report will be available on the Brand Recruitment website at at the end of June.

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