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christmas ads 2016

Christmas Ads 2016: The One That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

According to a recent article on Marketing Week, the Sainsbury’s The Greatest Gift ad, which features vocals from James Corden, has proven to be this year’s most popular Christmas advert on YouTube. YouTube’s 10 most viewed UK Christmas ads as listed on the article are as follows: Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift John Lewis –.

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Do charities need to clean up their act, or a helping hand?

  It seems that over the past few years, and in particular the last few months, controversy has dogged the charity sector. Formerly well-respected and revered pillars of our community have been dragged under the spotlight whilst their practices, policies and sheer existence have been called into question. With the suicide of Olive Cooke last.

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Are third sector marketers underpaid

Are third sector marketers underpaid?

Whilst to some this may seem like a simple ‘yes/no’ question, many of you will know this is not the case….. ‘Third sector organisation’ is a term that relates to organisations that are not-for-profit and non-governmental, as opposed to existing in the private and public sectors. It includes voluntary and community organisations such as registered charities, associations,.

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peace child charity edit

Brand Recruitment donates to Peace Child International

At Brand Recruitment we are always keen to get feedback from candidates on our performance, and as such send out feedback questionnaires to all newly registered candidates in order to identify areas in which we can improve. As a reward for completing the questionnaire, candidates who respond are then entered into a quarterly draw to.
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Brand Recruitment takes part in ‘Wear it. Beat it.’ with BHF

After hearing about the ‘Wear it. Beat it.’ campaign, Brand Recruitment was inspired to take part to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

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Brand Recruitment donates to Ride High

Brand Recruitment are always keen to get feedback from candidates on their performance and as such send out feedback questionnaires to all newly registered candidates in order to identify areas in which they can improve. The questionnaire asks candidates for information on their experience working with Brand so far and whether they have any suggestions.
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Are marketers getting into the Halloween spirit for 2014?

Halloween, once known as All Hallows Eve, is a billion-pound industry, although it can sometimes feel overshadowed as you can almost guarantee that as Halloween is approaching, Christmas is creeping up on us too. However, there are many ways that companies can scare up more business during this holiday, particularly within the retail industry which.
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Brand Recruitment is holding a Halloween Bake Off for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Brand Recruitment is proud to be continuing our fundraising for a charity that is close to our hearts, Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Earlier this year we took part in #TheChangeChallenge where we raised a fantastic £400, more than 4 times our target of £75 after we achieved our target of gaining 75 new Twitter followers and.
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The ‘Brand’ British Bake Off

Here at Brand Recruitment we wanted to get into the baking spirit as 'The Great British Bake Off' came back onto our television screens. Some of the team are avid followers of the hit TV show which has been running since 2010 with judges including cookery writer Mary Berry. On Friday 22nd August, we held.
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Task Brasil receives donation on behalf of Brand Recruitment’s Team Players of the Month

Joby Read, Rachel Kaye and Louise Keeley have been chosen by their colleagues at Brand Recruitment as the ‘Team Players of the Month’ for June 2014. This time around we came up with three new categories for each member of staff to nominate one colleague under to result in three, different overall winners. The categories.
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