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Reasons Why You Should Work for a Marketing Agency

Having recruited for many marketing agencies over the last five years, a common response when speaking to candidates is that working hours and pressures paint an unattractive picture of agency life where demanding deadlines from clients, long hours and short lunch breaks have become the norm. Having spoken to many candidates both agency-side and in-house.

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What’s in a name? | Recruitment discrimination

Recruitment discrimination A couple of weeks ago a close client of mine got in touch to say that as of immediate effect they would be changing their shortlisting process when selecting candidates for interview. They now request that I remove all personal details including name, gender, address and DOB; basically any details that could be used.

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Do charities need to clean up their act, or a helping hand?

  It seems that over the past few years, and in particular the last few months, controversy has dogged the charity sector. Formerly well-respected and revered pillars of our community have been dragged under the spotlight whilst their practices, policies and sheer existence have been called into question. With the suicide of Olive Cooke last.

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Are third sector marketers underpaid?

  Whilst to some this may seem like a simple ‘yes/no’ question, many of you will know this is not the case….. ‘Third sector organisation’ is a term that relates to organisations that are not-for-profit and non-governmental, as opposed to existing in the private and public sectors. It includes voluntary and community organisations such as registered charities,.

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Recruitment Process: Traditional Vs Modern…

Whether we like it or not we are becoming increasingly connected. It’s a simple fact that improvements in modern technology have changed the way many of us now live our lives  – in fact adults in the UK now spend on average a shocking 2 hours 26 minutes (non voice) each day on mobile devices..

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