Task Brasil receives donation on behalf of Brand Recruitment’s Team Players of the Month

Joby Read, Rachel Kaye and Louise Keeley have been chosen by their colleagues at Brand Recruitment as the ‘Team Players of the Month’ for June 2014. This time around we came up with three new categories for each member of staff to nominate one colleague under to result in three, different overall winners. The categories included: ‘Most Supportive’, ‘Best Problem Solver’ and ‘Most Positive’.

Joby Read who is the Head of Recruitment here at Brand received the most votes from the rest of team for the ‘Most Supportive’ category. Some of the reasons his colleagues gave for him being chosen as Most Supportive included: ‘Joby is supportive and understanding of everyone in the office’, ‘he is supportive of every single person in the team, no matter how small or big the issue is’. Joby was also voted by his colleagues as second place for the ‘Best Problem Solver’ category.

The member of staff who was voted as the ‘Best Problem Solver’ was Rachel Kaye who is part of Brand Recruitment’s Candidate Engagement Team. Some of the reasons given for Rachel being voted for this award were: ‘she is always sorting out IT or any other issues around the office’, ‘Rachel can solve any problem – no matter what it is!’. Rachel also received the second highest amount of votes in the ‘Most Supportive’ category.

Finally, the winner of the ‘Most Positive’ team player title was Louise Keeley who is one of the Recruitment Consultants here at Brand.  Louise received the most nominations for ‘Most Positive’ from the rest of the team, some of the reasons included ‘she is always happy and smiley, even when things go wrong’, ‘cheerful and kind to everyone’, ‘friendly, happy and upbeat!’.

As a reward, our three Team Players of the Month were asked to make a joint decision to have £250 donated to a charity of their choice by the company. Joby, Rachel and Louise decided that it would be a nice idea to donate to a charity which was different to ones that other people have chosen to donate to recently. As it is currently the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, they decided they would like to donate to a charity which was related to the host country.  The charity which was chosen in the end is a UK registered charity called ‘Task Brasil’ (The Abandoned Street Kids of Brazil Trust).  Task Brasil’s projects improve the lives and support the needs of children and pregnant girls living on the streets of Brazil. To find out more about the amazing work Task Brazil do, please visit their website here.

Brand Recruitment’s next ‘Team Player of the Month’ awards will take place in a few months time!

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