The 3 reasons your best marketers are thinking of leaving you…

As part of our Marketing Salary Survey which took place towards the end of 2015, we asked marketing professionals across the region a series of questions regarding their career.

One of the questions asked as part of our survey was:  ‘Are you considering a career move in the next 12 months?’. The results of this question revealed that a considerably high 60% of respondents were considering a job move in the next year. A further 23% said that they were ‘indifferent’, leaving just 17% who were not considering a career move in the next year.

With such a large proportion of respondents admitting to considering a new job, we therefore felt that the findings from a further question we asked our respondents: ‘What is your main reason for wanting to leave your current role?’  would be of particular interest to employers or team leaders as it provides some useful insight as to what some of your best marketers might be thinking…

1. Lack of progression/career advancement

career advancement






As recruiters we speak to dozens of marketers seeking a new role on a daily basis, and so seeing this as the main reason respondents gave for wanting to leave their current role doesn’t really come as a surprise to us! Marketing professionals tend to be ambitious by nature, and after working hard and progressing to the highest level they can in their current role, it’s only natural for them to seek further advancement elsewhere. The best marketers aren’t the type of people to sit still – they have a constant need to be challenged, and once this challenge has gone or they feel the opportunity to learn is no longer there, then it is likely that they will begin to look at pastures new…

2. Remuneration







At 22%, remuneration came up as the second main reason respondents gave for looking to leave their current role. We often see situations where marketing professionals feel as though they are underpaid in comparison to others at the same level, or know that they could be paid more doing a similar role elsewhere. Linking closely to lack of progression/career advancement, we often hear even the best marketers say that they know they have reached the highest level they can in terms of position and salary in their current role, and therefore have no option but to seek a new role for a pay increase.

As part of our Marketing Salary Survey, we also asked our respondents ‘Do you feel satisfied with your current salary?’ – in response to this question the majority (55%) admitted that they were currently dissatisfied with their salary.

3. Work/life balance

work/life balance






Work/life balance refers to the amount of time you spend doing your job, compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy. This came up as the third main reason given by our respondents for wanting to leave their current job. We often find when talking to candidates that this can cover a number of situations. A common example is commute time being considerably long and therefore adding extra hours on to the working day. As a result, people tend to struggle with not being able to spend enough time with their families in the evenings.

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