The Blue Cross benefit from Brand Recruitment ‘Team Player’

This month Emma Wright, who is part of our Candidate Engagement Team, won the Team Player of the Month and chose to donate to the Blue Cross. The Blue Cross is an animal welfare charity with centres across the UK which provide a variety of services for animals and pets.

Emma was delighted to win the donation and commented that she’ is a massive animal lover and knew I definitely wanted to pick and animal charity. What I particularly like about Blue Cross is that they find homes for all different types of animals not just one type.’

Brand Recruitment has recently started a new initiative for the whole team and will donate £250 each month to a chosen charity. Every month each member of the company votes for who they feel is the Team Player of the Month. A reason for why they should win the Team Player accompanies every vote. These reasons could vary from something as simple as always making cups of tea (we’d be lost without a warm drink at the moment!), to helping out on a project or being a constant support to an individual or the company as a whole. Emma won her donation for her enthusiasm for new processes implemented, showing proactive team support and her positive attitude.

We’re looking forward to next month and helping the charity which will receive Brand’s donation.

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