The Busy Marketer’s Guide To Being Kind To Yourself

Life as a marketing professional is busy. You likely work in a fast-paced environment with plenty of projects and people to juggle. The role, whether it’s as a marketing executive or a marketing manager is demanding, and you might find yourself feeling mentally and physically drained towards the end of the week. In this special blog post from Simply Marketing Jobs, we want to focus on how you can look after number one while working your way up in the marketing profession – grab a brew, put your feet up, and let’s discuss more about how you can be kinder to yourself.

Look After Your Body

As we’ve mentioned above, a career like marketing can be mentally demanding, which can easily take its toll on physical health. Burnout and stress can leave you feeling like there’s nothing left in the tank, and if you’re mentally exhausted, you might find that skipping the gym after working is becoming more frequent – or the home-cooked meal turns into a takeaway you can pick up on the way home from work. If this all sounds familiar, here are a few tips to help you take back control of your daily habits:

  • Exercise when you can: It’s hard to find a routine at first, but if you can find a suitable time to head to the gym, or hit the pavement for a quick run, you’d be surprised at just how much exercising a couple of times a week improves your physical and mental health. Find an activity that suits you at the most convenient time – if you’re an early bird, get to the gym before work. If a good run in the evening to destress is more your style, try it out! To start with, exercising more could simply mean walking the dog for longer. Whatever suits your schedule.
  • Eat well: When you’re having a busy day at work, it’s easier to make poor choices for breakfast and lunch. To combat fast food binges or snacking, prepare your food ahead of time, e.g. the night before, or bulk cook everything on a Sunday evening. Eating healthier will also increase concentration levels for a better performance at work.
  • Sleep: If you’re finding it difficult to switch off from work before bedtime, try doing something else beforehand to focus your thoughts away from it. For example, you could try brain training games, or read a book. Give your eyes a break from TV and computer screens. It’s important that you allow yourself a decent amount of time to rest too, so to give yourself the best chance, remove any distractions that could affect a good night’s sleep, like your phone.
  • Drink water: Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is underestimated by many at work – it’s also proven to increase concentration levels, but that doesn’t stop us from preferring a hot cup of tea or coffee instead. Water also aids digestion, which is important if you’re always on the go. There is no universally agreed quantity of water that you should be drinking, but since it is essential for your body, make time to drink a few glasses every day. If your office has a water tank, make a point of filling up your bottle in the morning so you can sip at it throughout the day.

Look After Your Mind

It’s hard to maintain mental wellbeing if you’re tired, busy and/or stressed. Relaxation techniques or meditation can help, and ensure that you’re ready to face whatever challenges the next working day holds. There are lots of meditation apps available that can guide you through the process if you’re new to it, and it only takes a few minutes each day. This can easily be done just before bed or when you wake up in the morning. It can also add a routine to your day. If you don’t fancy giving meditation a go, but still want to make more of an effort to look after your mental wellbeing, why not try writing down your thoughts to organise them so you can better understand why you’re thinking the way you are.

Prioritise Your Friends And Family

While your job will likely keep you busy, it’s important to make time to speak with friends and family when you are free. Time away from work is valuable, so step away from your laptop and call a loved one, or meet up for food/drinks with your best pals. Having a support network is especially helpful if you are having a busy time at work – it will take your mind off your workload.

Consider Working Flexibly

The great thing about working in marketing is that if you have a laptop, you can pretty much do your job anywhere. In 2018, Brand Recruitment recorded that marketing professionals ranked flexible working as the most important benefit to them in their annual Marketing Salary Survey. And it’s no surprise that many businesses are seeing the obvious benefits it has to managing work:life balance. Early finishes, late starts, part-time hours, job sharing, homeworking, and hot desking – the list of flexible working options is growing, providing you the opportunity to work when you are most productive. Brand Recruitment’s Employer Marketing Recruitment Survey also indicated that 70% of hiring managers felt that it was either important or extremely important to offer flexible working/homeworking/part-time hours at their company. It also found that 24% of marketing professionals currently work from home a minimum of one day a week. So if this isn’t already an option at work, consider discussing it with your employer if you think this could help improve how to juggle work and your personal time.

Enjoy Your Exciting New Career

Working in marketing invites plenty of opportunities to be creative and innovative. It’s a unique role filled with exciting twists and turns, and you get the chance to meet different people, and explore your own ideas. Take the time to appreciate your career, and if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at all, don’t forget that you (hopefully) have a team of co-workers who are all in the same boat too. Find time as a team to step away from the desk and bond, even if it’s just a walk on your break, or heading out for some lunch. Whatever keeps you happy and maintains a healthy work:life balance!

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