The Cost of a Creative

As an employer, do you know how much the average wage of a Graphic Designer would set you back? Or are you a designer who wants to know your economical worth? Either way, Brand Creative can help shed some light on the ‘going-rate’.

Currently compiling a salary survey to find regional averages, Brand has spoken to both clients and candidates in the East over the last few months. The findings are very interesting and in this article we will discuss and interpret them.

The roles looked at vary from Artworker right through to Creative Director and of course the salaries differ massively.

With the requirement of artworkers and designers to work across multiple platforms – print, web and mobile technologies- the ones whose knowledge spans the three will have greater advances than those who are limited to using just Quark or Photoshop, for example.

A Junior Artworker with less than two years’ experience would be looking at a salary of between £15k and £21k; a freelancer of the same experience would look at a wage of £8 – £13 per hour. A Graphic Designer with the same level of experience could expect to be paid a salary between £18k and £22k (£9 – £12 per hour).

At the other end of the spectrum, an Art Director could look to earn between £32k and £40k- a reflection of their ten years’ experience. Creative Directors with more than ten years’ experience are paid around £45k- an hourly wage of £30.

Senior Graphic Designers with between four and six years’ experience can expect £29k to £35k, or £18 – £25 per hour. The added strategic experience of a Studio Manager commands an average salary of £32k to £38k (£22 – £26 per hour).

Lousie Ashford-Hodges, a Consultant at Brand Creative, puts emphasis on the importance of distinguishing an average salary in this review as well as an hourly average. Nowadays, many people choose the freelancing option as it fits in well with their lifestyle or they perhaps are unable to secure a permanent role at that time; whatever the reason, it is necessary for both employer and employee to have an expectation of both annual salaries and hourly rates. In short, the level of experience can be reflected in the salary of the creative, as you would expect.

The Salary Review for 2010 will be released over the next month and will not only cover salary information on Artworker and Graphic Designer jobs but also web design and marketing roles.


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