The Lynx Effect, for Her – Lynx launches new women’s fragrance

Lynx has recently launched a new fragrance – for women. The popular Unilever brand is famed for its potent scent and – according to its advertising campaigns – the power to uncontrollably attract women to its wearers thanks to the “Lynx Effect”. But now, for the first time in the brand’s 27-year history, they have launched a product for women.

The new product, a bodyspray called Attract For Her, is marketed as a limited edition item as part of the new Attract men’s range, although Lynx has chosen not to market it directly to women. Selina Sykes, Marketing Manager of Lynx has said this is because they don’t need to: women are already “spontaneous[ly] aware” of the brand in the deodorant market.

Sykes also stated that “Lynx is about surprising and entertaining consumers to generate conversation around the brand” and Attract For Her is likely to do just that. The campaign was launched on Facebook on the 23rd and a 100-can giveaway of the spray to fans “sold out” within hours. The social media campaign will be accompanied by PR, digital, and outdoor activity, as well as a television advert launching on February 1st. The advert will feature a female policewoman pursuing a male burglar through the streets as they both undress, with the tagline “nothing will ever be the same again”.

While no doubt a sexually implicit video, in Lynx terms, this is tame. Previous campaigns have been far more shocking, such as the television advert controversially claiming “men’s sweat only attracts other men. Is that all you want?”, or the 2011 campaign featuring Lucy Pinder which was banned after heavy criticism of its portrayal of women.

According to Lynx, the new fragrance for men and women complement its counterpart perfectly with “fruity and woody” notes and is sure to drive the opposite sex wild. However, it remains to be seen whether Lynx can shake-off its male-centered image without any direct marketing to women – aside from a vibrant pink can.

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