Thomson Holidays launches new holiday package

Travel operator Thomson Holidays (TUI) has launched a child-free holiday package aimed at couples. The new package promises couples a holiday without children and will complement their existing Thomson Gold and Thomson Families resorts. The new holiday package has been created in response to the findings of a recent customer survey which found that 79% of people have had their holiday affected by other people’s children. The survey also found that out of the 1,300 adults questioned in the survey, 40% said that their own children affected the enjoyment of their holiday.

These results prompted Thomson to respond to their customers’ views to create a child-free holiday option for its customers and to differentiate from its competitors by being the first mainstream travel operator to offer child-free holiday resorts worldwide. “The launch of Thomson Couples is part of our ongoing commitment to designing different holiday experiences for different people,” said Luke Gaskins, Head of Product Developments at Thomson Holidays. The development of the new package is likely to have created new marketing jobs in Bedfordshire as well as at their other UK Head Offices.

The new child-free package, known as ‘Thomson Couples’ forms part of Thomson’s Premier Collection and customers will benefit from priority airport transfer, day-before check-in, dedicated overseas holiday advisers and an increased luggage allowance.

Ursula Colman, Managing Consultant at Brand Recruitment has noticed travel operators are expanding their offerings in order to attract and retain consumers due to the high level of competition in the market. “Travel operators will need to increase their marketing activity in order to retain customers and also the development of new packages will require intensive marketing support. It is therefore likely that Thomson Holidays will be looking to recruit for newly created marketing jobs in Bedfordshire to promote the new Thomson Couples package.”

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