To blog or not to blog – it’s not really a question

Jeremy Knight of Equinet Media at The Marketing Meetup: Cambridge (02/10/2018)

Jeremy is the Founder & CEO of HubSpot platinum partner and inbound sales and marketing agency, Equinet Media. In his talk on ‘To blog or not to blog – it’s not really a question’, Jeremy explains why blogging does still matter and the top 10 considerations of a well-optimised blog.

Jeremy covers the fact that blogging is still number one for generating organic traffic, and each post presents an opportunity to get found, and shared. The more relevant your posts and the more often you post, the more your traffic will grow – you just need to know what your customers and prospects are looking for. “They ask, you answer“, Jeremy says.

Jeremy finished the last part of his talk by sharing his 10 considerations for successful blogs, whereby he expanded on the following key points:

10 insights for creating insanely successful blog posts

  1. Buyer personas
  2. Planning matters
  3. Start with the headline
  4. Keywords still matter
  5. The importance of sub-heads
  6. Perfect your intro
  7. The importance of bullets and numbers
  8. The value of links
  9. Why images matter
  10. It pays to be human

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A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

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