UK Employment Set to Rise

New employment opportunities are looking promising according to recent figures carried out by recruitment firm Manpower. According to the survey, the nation is set to overturn the hiring lull experienced across so many industries in recent months.

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey is a source of data taken from the responses of 2,100 employers in the UK. In short, the survey basically asks the employers if they have plans to recruit additional members to their team or indeed reduce their workforce in the oncoming economic quarter. This reputable survey provides conclusive figures to both the Bank of England and the UK government.

When we break-down the different industries, it is clear that the utilities sector is among the most optimistic out of those surveyed; they report an expected increase of 14%. The business services and finance sector rather refreshingly anticipate a rise of 5% in their hiring figures.

Managing Director of Manpower, Mark Cahill, said of the survey, “Although it’s too early to say that a full-blown recovery is upon us, it does feel like we’re turning a corner when it comes to the jobs market”.

With the upcoming London Olympics creating thousands of opportunities for work, the current jobs boost was predominantly in London and the South East. Cahill identifies the international event as over-turning a rather dreary retail sector and encouraging employment through the added tourism the London games will bring. He goes onto say that “the Olympics must be a key factor, which means the effect should last all year”.

Undoubtedly there will be a great push on companies’ marketing as the Olympics approach. Marketing jobs will be expected to be more prominent as the competition between products and services is rife. It is likely that marketing recruitment will be one of the most apparent in this quarter, providing many opportunities in London and the surrounding areas, including places like Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Several reports have been conducted to determine employment figures for this year. One of which comes from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). They found similar results that hiring intentions are more apparent now- the most it has been since the second quarter of 2010. Although figures show an obvious change in employment trends, unfortunately the FSB have said that it is not enough to alter the overall rise in unemployment.

Manpower have said the employment rates outside of London remains diverse; the East Midlands remain optimistic while London’s neighbouring areas of the South East and the East of England have both dipped into negative territory. The North West is set to be the most optimistic region, where the outlook has improved from -5% to in quarter one to +6% in the present quarter.

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