Video Content Strategy 101

Gary Gumbleton, Founder of CapCo Group at The Marketing Meetup: Cambridge (06/11/2018)

Gary talks about his ‘Video Content Strategy 101’ to Cambridge’s marketers. He gives some great video content tips that anyone can implement.

He firstly spoke about using a ‘TV network strategy’ where he suggests you split your video content into channels, seasons and episodes. He also shared the three basic ‘channels’ that he believes every organisation should have, which are: Thought Leadership (indirect, thinly veiled sales pitches showing you know your industry), Behind The Scenes (which can be filmed on your smart phone e.g. a time lapse of your office renovation), Community Involvement (give back to your community, and your community will give back to you. This is to show that you are moral and ethical company, for example making a short video of your team at a charity event).

Gary also gave some tips on how to make your own video content better, these were:
Beginner –
Rear Camera
Well Lit
Selfie Stick
Intermediate –
External Battery

He ended the talk with his Top 5 Tips for Distribution:

  1. £1.99 Strategy – e.g. 29 seconds rather than 31 seconds
  2. Add some raw – to show that you’re human
  3. 3 reasons for viral – e.g. influencers, audience participation, unexpectedness (Kevin Allocca)
  4. First 5 seconds – you want to get the concept across in the first 5 seconds
  5. Watch it on mute – if you can get your point across watching it on mute, then you’ve done it right

Watch the whole The Marketing Meetup: Cambridge 24 

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A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

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