What does a career in marketing involve?

If you are thinking about developing a career for yourself in marketing or want to know which paths there are to take now you have decided on your career – we are here to help!

A career in marketing is full of opportunities and can open up several different avenues, which may leave you wondering if there is a particular path that is right for you.

As a PR and marketing recruitment agency, we are specialists within our field so we certainly know a thing or two when it comes to the different types of marketing jobs. Using our insider knowledge, we have put together detailed descriptions on some of the different types of marketing pathways there are. We also include insight on marketing job salaries and ‘Day in the Life’ accounts from marketing professionals.

Marketing is the process of showing customers why they should choose your product or service over competitors. The types of marketing jobs can vary from business to business; larger organisations often have teams specialising in the various aspects of marketing, whilst other companies may have smaller teams or a standalone marketer. Our section on marketing jobs goes into more detail about what a marketer actually does and how much they might earn.

Our marketing job descriptions also include specific information on some of the specialist pathways there are within marketing such as digital marketing (which also provides further descriptions on SEO, PPC and other digital areas), brand management, product management and insight/category jobs.

We hope that for those of you who may have just graduated with a degree in marketing or are perhaps just looking for a change in career, our marketing job descriptions will give you some useful insight to help guide you down the course that is most suited to you.

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Ali Zaman Shaikh

Can you please tell me the subjects that are included in marketing, and how do I decide what kind of marketing field do I want to get in?


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