When should you revamp your CV?

This is one of those questions that appears to have no straight forward answer so we decided to create a poll to find out when you think is the best time to do this.

85% of respondents to our poll which simply asked “How often do you revamp your CV?” said that they revamped their CV when they are looking for a new job. The poll found that 14% revamped their CV after they had received a promotion, none of the participants said that they made changes on an annual basis.

It was noted by one freelance respondent that it is common for freelancers and contractors to update their CV more regularly than others and this was usually done as each assignment was coming to an end.

The advantages of keeping your CV up-to-date are that it saves you the stress of updating it when you really need to but don’t have the spare time. We can’t imagine that anyone working in marketing would enjoy having to rush to update their CV for a really exciting marketing job that an agency had contacted them about late into the evening after they have been at work all day.

By updating your CV on a regular basis you can also keep an eye on your career progress and make sure that you have included the most relevant information.

So, how often do you revamp your CV?

At Brand Recruitment we are continuously recruiting for marketing jobs across the Central and Eastern Region and have therefore created CV tips for candidates who are looking to revamp their CV. We have also recently created a CV Tips animation video which contains tips tailored to those who are searching for a new marketing job.

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