Making A Marketer… Why did you choose a career in marketing?

Making a Marketer - Career in Marketing

Look around you… Branding, brochures, print and PR – it’s everywhere!

Hark back to your younger self and remember when you were thinking where you wanted to be in five, ten or twenty years. Did you ever consider a career in marketing? If so, why?

Personally, I did consider it, as did many of my peers during my education and thinking about it, the appeal of working in some form of marketing or comms is plain to see.

Marketing over the last few years has made a shift, it now isn’t referred to as ‘that fluffy stuff’ or ‘adverts’: it’s worth far more than that, it’s measurable.

Marketing is your brand, your message and what captivates the imagination of your customer base. It urges them to buy, playing on emotion and ensures they remain bought in for future purchases and repeat business. Even B2B marketing is moving closer to this emotional model, allowing the audience to connect with the subject matter, delving deeper into the company ethos and messaging.

A huge amount of people move into marketing because they’re creative. They decided their path a long time ago when doodling on a pad in the classroom, designing a new ‘widget or gizmo’ and coming up with catchy straplines to take it to market. This creative urge is probably natural to these people, but is marketing surrounding us so much now that it’s gradually being ingrained into everything we’re taught?

There are some fantastic institutions, teaching the concepts of marketing to budding new brand entrepreneurs, such as Cambridge Marketing College and the Chartered Institute of Marketing; they will teach people the ‘method behind the madness’, giving marketing people the proper tools to implement marketing at their workplace. Can we now also argue that marketing is edging more towards the ‘nurture’ side of the debate, maybe?

Marketing is now much more trackable, substantiated and data driven.

There’s a lot less debate about the value and effectiveness of campaigns, which makes marketing incredibly valuable. Think of marketing as selling without being sold to – it’s very powerful stuff.

Companies can now tell if you’re opening an email, what you click on and where it takes you on their site. They know which variation of a product you’ve chosen to look at online, which size and in which location you’re viewing it. They know how frequently you visit the site, how many products you put in your basket and which products end up being taken to the checkout. All of this data isn’t something a salesperson could pick up. As a customer, the nature of a sale completely changes when you know you’re being sold to. Marketing can now bring a true representation of that journey to the sale and the reasons why the product was/wasn’t bought.

The reason people should get into marketing has probably changed over the last few years. Yes, whilst it’s still creative and engaging, it’s also deeper than that, it’s a way for companies to communicate with vast amounts of people yet in a very personal way. A massive part of modern day business is to do with playing on the feelings of individuals, and companies who engage with customers on the emotional and personal level will gain better buy-in from that customer/consumer.

In recruitment we use marketing and comms in a variety of different ways. At Brand we want to engage with marketing people as these people are our business. Whilst we’re hugely successful at what we do, I can safely say we’d be half the company we are if it wasn’t due to the massive investment we make in reaching out to our customers and stakeholders – candidates, clients and the wider marketing community.

Just remember, whether the products you’re marketing are B2B, B2C, services or charitable causes, you can still be that ‘loud-mouthed kid’ running around the playground, spreading rumours about something new. But now, you can also be the methodical, data driven digital ‘whizz kid’ using stats and theory to backup why your performance is driving massive sales!

Why did you choose marketing?

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