Are you getting enough?

NOTE **Since this blog was first posted, the Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey 2016 has now been released, check it out here**

So, are you getting enough? It’s a topic that many of us don’t like talking about…

However, Brand Recruitment’s soon to be released Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey 2016 might be able to give you the answer.

For this year’s marketing salary survey we have received more input than ever from our extensive network of candidates, the employers that we work with, as well as various other thought leaders within the marketing community.

In comparison to our 2015 results, this year we have seen a general rise in salaries across the board in marketing. This could be down to the general value of the marketing function within companies seeming to be much more important now than it has been in a long time.

The particular marketing job titles we’ve seen the highest increase in have been Digital Marketing Executives and Content Managers – this may not come as surprise though as over the past couple of years the power of digital marketing, and in turn online content, has grown massively, and across all industry sectors. This also accompanies a few new job titles we’ve seen added to our survey, such as Content Executive and Digital Marketing Assistant.

Here’s a sneaky peek at the marketing job titles section of the soon to arrive marketing salary survey…

Marketing Salary Survey 2016

How does your salary compare to the average? Are you getting enough bang for your buck?

You can also check out our marketing salary surveys from previous years here.

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